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At DRAE Collection, we partner with retailers to offer quality pieces at fair prices.


Why should you offer our brand?

Immediate Inventory: Benefit from our readily available inventory, allowing you to meet customer demands quickly and efficiently. With a wide selection of designs ready to ship, you can keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more.

1-Year Warranty: Rest assured with our 1-year warranty, ensuring that your customers receive quality products and peace of mind with their purchase. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the sale, demonstrating our confidence in the durability of our jewelry.

Exclusive Pricing: Enjoy wholesale pricing that maximizes your margins and gives you a competitive edge.

Personalized Service: Experience the luxury of personalized support from our team. From product selection to order management, we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and success.

Marketing Support: Access our marketing resources and tools to help promote your DRAE Collection products effectively. From social media assets to co-branded materials, we'll help you showcase the beauty of our jewelry.

Fast and Reliable Shipping: Rest easy knowing that your orders will be delivered promptly and securely. Our efficient shipping services ensure that your products arrive on time, every time.

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DRAE Collection provides vibrant handcrafted clothing and accessories for your everyday use. We also curate durable jewelry. We design timeless jewelry that doesn’t compromise quality. We continuously test the longevity and strength of our pieces to ensure they last a lifetime. We create the purest designs and use the finest materials. Each luxury accessory is handmade, crafted, polished, and perfected by the finest craftsmanship of experienced jewelry makers.

Our pieces are ethically sourced and handmade. We ensure that every accessory we sell is made following the highest standards. We search the world to find the most precious pearls and priceless cubic zirconia crystals to curate products you will treasure forever.

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