Figaro Necklace



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Le collier Figaro est fabriqué à la main par les meilleurs bijoutiers en utilisant le meilleur argent sterling massif estampillé 925, plaqué or 14K, et vendu au prix le plus juste. Notre volumineux et vivace collier Figaro est l'ajout parfait à la collection glamour de DRAE. Conçu à la perfection à Montréal, au Canada.

  • Argent sterling massif estampillé 925
  • Plaqué or 14K
  • 4 mm d'épaisseur
  • Taille ajustable 17 pouces de long + 3 pouces d'extension
  • Fermeture en pince de homard
Jewelry care

By far the easiest and safest way to clean your jewellery is with warm water and  detergent-free soap

Then, run it under some clean water and dry the piece carefully with a jewelry cloth (We give one in every order, YAY!) 

And that’s it. Just leave the last remaining moisture to air dry, and you’ll see a marked difference in your gold jewellery. You can clean it like this as often as you like, but if you do it after every few wears you’ll maintain its good looks for longer.