The DRAE COLLECTION team is thrilled to share a stunning collaboration with the Quebec-based swimwear company  Mennillo for their latest campaign. This partnership has resulted in a captivating photoshoot, blending the elegance of DRAE's jewelry with the beauty of Mennillo's swimwear. A perfect fusion of two brands celebrating lifestyle, whether it be daily or by the seaside.


Mennillo swimwear is renowned for its impeccable fit, unrivaled comfort, and durability. With adjustable bikini tops at the waist and shoulders, every woman can find the perfect fit. The variety of styles offers a choice of coverage and personalized support, while the materials used ensure a flattering and gentle fit for the skin. Additionally, each piece is lined for maximum opacity and designed to withstand the test of time, thanks to high-quality materials and rigorous manufacturing processes.


In the previous photoshoot in South America, several pieces of jewelry were showcased to complement the refined aesthetic. Among them are elegant and sophisticated pieces that add a touch of glamour to every beach outfit. Whether delicate necklaces, sparkling bracelets, or elegant earrings, Drae's jewelry perfectly complements the ensemble and adds a dimension of luxury to every look.


Together, Mennillo and Drae create inspiration for everyone, where style and elegance meet to celebrate the beauty of life by the sea. A collaboration that promises to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide. 

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