Heart to heart with Elody Petit

Heart to heart with Elody Petit

It's finally summer and to start it off right, we're launching our biggest summer collection: Crystal Glare & Lavender Dream in collaboration with the influencer Elody Petit.

We decided to pass Elody in an interview so that you can get to know her a little more and, of course, to talk about the collection, which you can find right here.


DRAE: So tell us Elody, how did you hear about DRAE?

E: The first time I heard about DRAE was through the collection you girls did with another content creator.

DRAE: And what made you want to collaborate with us?

E: I was really amazed about the quality of the products you sent me. I'm a silver girl and I couldn’t believe how shiny your silver jewels are and how the colour wouldn’t change over time, even after wearing them under water or sweats, because I never take my jewelry off when I swim, train or for any other activities and they are still perfect!

DRAE: I like what I hear! For us the quality of our jewels is extremely important. So, now that we know what made you want to design a collection with us, can you tell us where you got your inspiration from?

E: In a way, I've always been into chunky jewelry. And on my last trip to Florida during Spring Break, I saw someone wearing that style of jewelry and that's where I got my inspiration. I find that bold jewelry can be worn with something super simple and make the outfit more complete!

DRAE: I couldn’t agree more with you. The collection really adds something to a simple outfit! So what was your favourite part of the whole process?

E: My favourite part was definitely the photoshoot. This is where I got to see the jewels for the first time and I was in awe of how beautiful they are. Plus, seeing other people wearing my collection made me truly happy and proud. The photoshoot was an important moment since it’s going to represent the image of each item.


DRAE: People have no idea what to expect. The photoshoot was outstanding! And could you explain why you went with the colour lavender for this collection?

E: We don't see enough colourful shades in jewelry and since the launch of the collection is falling in the middle of summer, I believe the lavender colour was following the trends we see these days, a soft and pure colour. It's a colour that represents peace and harmony. Since life has resumed now that COVID is over, those two meanings are what I'm looking for.

DRAE: Yes! A bit of colour can only do good and we love the result of the lavender crystals you picked. Now, can you explain how it all went?

E: It all started at the end of January, we were thinking of a concept, a vibe and a style that we would like to create Aurelie (founder of DRAE) and me. After creating mood boards for the jewelry design and the photoshoot, we came to a final design. Then, after several samples, I chose to go with the classic crystal clear and also with a lavender-coloured crystal. I knew not everyone would want the lavender colour, so I also wanted to keep the classic crystal, which is a must have! In short, once the jewelry were designed, we did the photoshoot and that's when I unveiled the collection to my community!


DRAE: Amazing! So now I would like to give people a chance to get to know you a little more. Can you tell us about yourself?

E: I'm still in school, but I've been a full-time content creator/influencer for the past 5 years. It's a big part of my life and I consider myself lucky to do it, because I have a lot of time for myself at the same time as making a living. I have a crazy love for training, I have been training since I was 14, I love to challenge myself and the feeling that this part of my life brings me, is indescribable. I also have a great passion for travel. I really like discovering new places, new cultures, etc. For me, life is about exploring and living to the fullest.

DRAE: Interesting! And where did your passion for social media come from?

E: When I started in the world of social media, I didn’t know where it was going to lead me. I was so young, I was only 14 years old. I had no idea how to manage social media, I was really messing around (hahaha), but over time, when I got my first contract, I understood the extent of what content I could create!

DRAE: Wow! And what does a typical day in your life look like?

E: A typical day in my life during the summer, when I'm not in school, starts early because I'm an early bird. I start my day at 7:00 a.m. I always train in the morning, it gives me power for my day. Then I have a good breakfast, my favourite part. Afterwards, I take time to answer my emails, create the content I have to do, and then I'm free. And I take this opportunity to spend time with my friends and family!

DRAE: You seem to have a good balance between quality time and productivity. So, what are your summer essentials?

E: Definitely my friends. I am a person with a large circle of friends, but at the same time small. We’re really like a big family, 24 hours a day together! I couldn't do it without our little evenings eating dinner together. We are like brothers and sisters.

DRAE: That sounds nice! We can see how much you care about them. And how would you describe yourself in a few words?

E: I’m a very "easy-going" person with lots of energy. I like it when things are moving! I am a natural person who loves the little things in life!

DRAE: Do you have any personal goals for this season?

E: Yes! I have several goals, both fitness and business. There are a lot of things I want to accomplish. I would really like to go on a trip for a few months, alone or in duo very soon! I have lots of projects to come with my two sisters Rosaly and Noemy! I'm still keeping it as a secret, but I can't wait to share it with you.

DRAE: Sounds exciting. We can't wait to find out! To finish this interview, what’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

E: Never look back.

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Our ''I AM'' collection worned by the candidates of Occupation Double, a reality show in Quebec!

It was last Monday evening that the grand premiere of the famous Quebec reality show “Après OD - Dans l'Ouest” was taking place and our team was simply ecstatic to see a few of the candidates proudly wearing our ''I AM'' collection in collaboration with Anouk Lauzon.

What a surprise it must have been to realize that most of them were wearing the same jewels!

Here are some photos of the girls wearing our pieces of the collection.

Our stunning ''I AM'' necklace definitely charmed many of the girls.

@ineslalouad | Instagram

@sarahdoniacherif | Instagram

Some have even paired it with our GRACEFUL necklace.

@audreydickey.officiel  | Instagram

@sab.bouchard_ | Instagram

And what about our EXTRA earrings! They have undoubtedly been our best sellers for a few months now.

  @clodelle | Instagram

You can find the full collection right here.


You’ve asked for it, we answer all your questions!
Learn everything you need to know about our jewels from the design process to the jewelry care steps.
Let us guide you through the full process at DRAE.



All our jewels are designed by our founder, Aurelie. As the main brain of the brand, she always starts by looking at the upcoming trends in the fashion industry and then adapts them to DRAE’s identity. Once she’s set, she draws sketches of the jewels she has in mind to our manufacturer with all the specifications including specks, desired metals and other specifications.

Then our manufacturer sends us videos of the 3D samples created from the sketch. Once they are approved, our manufacturer sends us the samples so we can try them out and adjust the products according to our needs. If she likes it the way they are, the samples then go to the testing process.



The testing process means that we’ve received and approved the samples and that it’s time to test them to make sure they respect the quality standards we’ve established at DRAE. Meaning that they are long-lasting jewels that won’t tarnish and that will be water-resistant.


In that order, each member of our team will test the products on a daily basis. From wearing them at the gym, to taking them to the pool or simply wearing them all day long for a minimum of 2 weeks. If the samples pass the test, we then place the order with our manufacturer. That’s when you’ll finally be able to buy our products from our website.





Did you know our jewels are tarnished free and water resistant? Well, now you know! At DRAE we want to ensure a high level of quality and to guarantee long-lasting products, we meticulously select each metal so you can wear them all day long and everywhere you go. Our jewels are made from silver sterling 925 and either plated with 14K gold metal or plated with rhodium for our silver jewels. If you don’t know what it means, find out down here.





We want the best of the best just for you! That’s why we make our jewels with high quality material. Each of our jewels are based with a Silver Sterling 925. What does that mean you might think? The 925 stamp represents the purity of the silver we use to create our jewels. Ours are composed with 92.5% of silver and the 7.5% left represent an additional metal.





Now, our gold jewels are not only composed of silver sterling 925. We actually plate them with 4 to 6 microns of 14K to 18K gold metal. That means, it won’t tarnish and you can wear them all day long! Isn’t it fantastic?





Why are our silver gems so bright? It’s simple! We want you to have the shiniest jewels of all. That’s why not only we make our jewel with silver sterling 925, but we also plate them with rhodium to give a beautiful polished look to our jewels. You can almost say our silver is white. That’s what makes them so special and unique.





As some of our jewels are chunkier, we sometimes go with a base of stainless steel. In that case we will still plate them with 14K/18K gold metal or with silver sterling 925.




People often ask us if our crystals are real. Not to disappoint you, but if they were, I promise they would cost you a lot more.


Although they are not real crystals, they are still real stones and still good quality. The stone we use is called AAA cubic zirconias. Let us explain what this means! Like you will see in a diamond evaluation, a specialist will look at the cut, quality, and colour. It’s pretty much the same for cubic zirconias. So an AAA-rated cubic zirconia stone is considered as the most popular grade for high-quality fashion jewelry.





The same question will come for our products made with pearls. Are your pearls real? Our pearls may not be the typical natural saltwater pearls you find, but we can assure you they are real pearls. Ours simply come from non-saline waters which means they grow in lakes, rivers and ponds. That’s why they are called freshwater pearls. We select ours in white, but they also come in pastel shades of pink, lilac and peach.




If you’re concerned your skin will turn green or get a rash from an allergic reaction, do not worry! Unless you have a specific allergy to silver or gold, our jewels are hypoallergenic. If you usually get skin reactions to jewels, always make sure to go with high quality products such as ours.




You want to keep your jewels as shiny as possible? You want to be able to wear them every day, no matter what your activity is leading you on? Well, this doesn’t come easy without proper care. Follow our steps on how to clean your jewelry right here.




Now that you know a little more about our jewelry, we want to hear your questions. Send us what else you’d like to know about jewels and we’ll make a second blog.
Black History Month - An interview with Agnes Nekaa

Black History Month - An interview with Agnes Nekaa


As you probably already know, this month is an important month for the black community. In order to highlight the issues that the community still faces to this day, we wanted to give the chance to one of our clients who are facing this reality to tell us her story and reality of being a black woman.

Today we are interviewing Agnès Nekaa, one of our clients whom we had the chance to meet during our last photoshoot. We simply connected with her vibrant personality and, since this is a subject that is close to our hearts at DRAE, we wanted to give her the chance to delve into the subject and share her point of view with us.


DRAE: So Agnes, could you start by explaining a little more about the Black History Month?

A: Black History Month means a lot of things! It was celebrated for the first time in 1976, in the United States. This is a month that particularly comes to celebrate black excellence and to commemorate the path we have traveled. To do this, we highlight the Afro culture through music, reading books addressing the accomplishments of black public figures and then we discuss among ourselves the various hardships that we have to live in everyday life.

DRAE: And can you tell us a bit more about the challenges the black community faced at the time?

A: In all honesty, I won’t be able to comment on all the challenges of the time, but those who have definitely marked our history and on which the majority of stereotypes and prejudices with negative connotations have arisen are the following: the slave trade, segregation, Blackface, colorism, fetishism and the lack of representation of black people in the media, in the artistic field, in the school environment and even in the workplace.

DRAE: And if we look at today’s reality, what would be the similar challenges that the black community in our country still faces?

A: The list is horribly long! Unfortunately, the problematic source of all these challenges in Quebec, in my opinion, is that our society does not sufficiently recognize systemic racism. Our society should consider this issue more seriously as it’s still omnipresent in several important institutions. People should take the time to think about intervention plans, programs, etc. which aim to create a better "living together". This is a big issue for my community given that the system is preconceived by ideologies that aim to make us look like school dropouts, street gang members or others that can lead to unfortunate situations related to racial profiling, for example. The political leaders of our country should use their influence on society to help the black community in these challenges and thus give them the chance to have a better quality of life.

In addition, I can say that one of my personal challenges is the reflex of repeatedly questioning myself in front of white people, to constantly debunking all stereotypes about black men and women. Every time I go on a job interview, despite my background and skills, I always wonder if my skin color and the prejudices attached to it, will question my qualifications. This thinking follows me every day. In my opinion, we are held back in several spheres of our lives because of the media and movies which often do not present a positive image of the black community.


DRAE: If you're comfortable telling us a little more about it, could you tell us what it's like for you to be a black woman on a daily basis? Are there still injustices that you suffer from regularly or occasionally?

A: I have a lot to say about this. One day I was reading a book written by an incredible man who greatly influenced my field of study, as well as the woman I am today. His name is Doctor Denis Mukwege. He’s a gynecologist and activist who dedicated his life to women in eastern DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) who were victims of sexual abuse used as a weapon of war, by creating "Cité de la joie" an establishment where he was treating and saving with his team thousands of women for more than 20 years. I discovered it during my identity quest at the age of 15. Then, by dint of reading books and watching documentaries on his devotion to the women he took under his wing, I finally began to realize the emotional and social charge that it takes to be who I am in this world.

I am a black, African, woman. I am the most oppressed person in this world for these three specific characteristics which are totally beyond my control, but which drastically define my person. People put a label on me directly because I come from the poorest continent and paradoxically the richest one on earth.

There is a pejorative image that has been circulating regarding the black African woman for a long time. Apparently, we are submissive to our illiterate spouses and spend our time reproducing so that our children end up on the streets begging.

Being a black African woman means that every day, I expect to have to educate an individual about the injustices that women in general, black people AND Africans face! Whenever I hear comments today such as "Right… the women of West Africa are all submissive, like the hostages of Boko Haram (Nigerian terrorist group)", I just can’t hold myself but to heave very long sighs of discouragement. 

Despite everything, I would not change my place for the world. Since the 15-year-old Agnès opened her eyes and accepted her origins, sex and skin color, she spent her time learning and educating herself on the subject. The black woman, African or not, is endowed with an inhuman resilience. I find that life has shaped us so that no matter what obstacles are presented to us, we emerge as warriors. There are no two people like us!

DRAE: We can imagine that it’s not an easy reality for you. However, would you say that you have observed an improvement from society in the inclusion of the black community compared to your childhood?

A: Definitely, yes! The improvement is not obvious, in my opinion, but it's there. Although, I believe there’s still a great lack of representation in the Quebec media. I would like for my future children to be able to identify with black men and women without having to interpret the role of the villain or of negative stereotypes.

We are still far from the desired result, but I remain optimistic. I’m also happy to see that black women are finally embracing their beauty. There are a lot of Instagram accounts that share images of black women at their best, and I think that's awesome. It's a sad truth, but I think it's a nice way to get revenge on non-blacks who told me that black women were ugly or not smart when I was in high school...


DRAE: We can imagine how frustrating this must have been and still be today to be facing such injustices. And what could people do to help the black community in spreading the message of inclusion and equality?

A: Listen! The writer Naomi Fontaine wrote in her book Shuni a passage that resonated with me a lot: “If you really want to help the Innu, and I think you do, why not start by asking them what you could do for them.“ She was speaking to a childhood friend, Julie, a white woman, who wanted to help the Innu.

I think a lot of people want to help out and be allies. However, as many people may think, it’s not by imposing their own ideas that they will make themselves useful and make a difference. You have to be on the ground and listen, collect testimonials to know where to start. Black people are best qualified to know what they need.

Moreover, the inequalities and forms of discrimination that we experience on a daily basis are perpetuated by a society shaped in the image of the will of the white man. So, white men and women have no choice but to feel concerned by all this, since it’s people who look like me who suffer the consequences of the actions that have been or are being taken by people who look like them. Too many individuals are still comfortable in their ignorance and it’s essential that society get out of this denial to face the problems and listen to the solutions that my community wishes to put in place.

DRAE:  So where can we get more information on this and related topics?

A: I think social media is a primary source of information for many people. So, I strongly encourage you to follow these pages which address different issues that affect members of my community on Instagram: @wokeorwhateva@me_belton@sally; @blackgirlsfromlaval; @blackgirlsgathermtl; @femmes.modernes; @thegemtalkpodcast; @blackmontrealcreatives; @renzel.dashington; @lautotherey; @thierrylindor and many more!


Interview with Agnes Nekaa
Anouk Lauzon

Anouk Lauzon

This week we interviewed Anouk to talk about the story behind I AM, our new collection launching on January 24th. We had so much fun getting to know her on a deeper level and we know you’ll love her just as much as we do!

We feel so lucky to finally be launching our very first capsule collection, an opportunity we could not be more grateful for,  and wanted to share with you the behind the scenes of this amazing collaboration with Anouk. So let’s get started!

DRAE: So, Anouk, since not everyone might know who you are and how did we end up creating this new collection with you, how about explaining how this all started? How did you first hear about us?

A: I had the chance to meet Aurelie for the first time, 4 years ago in 2018 (time goes fast !). She introduced me to her jewelry brand and I could tell how passionate she was. I immediately loved the entrepreneur vibe. It was a real crush! Since then, I’ve followed the brand on Instagram in their daily life and evolution.  

DRAE: We couldn’t agree more, this is definitely our founder’s vibe! And so, what made you want to work with us? 

A: Easy question! For me, DRAE is a company where you can be your true self and where “the sky's the limit”. The team is composed of girls that I can relate to because of their hard work, creativity and human personality. There’s nothing more essential for me than to work with a team where I feel 100% at my place and respected. I just knew that our collaboration would be a real success, it was at this moment I said “Lets go!”




DRAE: We’re so grateful to have our first collaborative collection with you. So now, could you tell everyone how this idea started?

A: It all started with a simple Instagram DM from Aurelie (DRAE’s founder). I remember when I opened the message, I was super hyped, because I was offered the opportunity to do a collection of what I really want : my choices, my ideas, my concept. It has always been important for me that every project reflects who I am, and with DRAE it was possible. As I’m also a “feeling” kinda girl, I just had a good feeling about it. This is where it all started.

DRAE: Of course, we wouldn’t want to do a collection with you where you’re not included in the whole process. Speaking of which! What would you say you loved the most about working with us?

A: I’ve honestly always felt part of the family. With the girls, the atmosphere is always pleasant. It’s like they’ve always been MY girls!! Whenever we see each other at the office or in between our 10000000 voice messages, the vibe is always super positive, respectful and fun. I feel lucky that I can now consider these girls as my friends.

DRAE: Aww! This is so sweet. You’re definitely now part of our family and there’s no word to describe how we all feel about this beautiful collab. I don’t think our readers are ready for what we’re about to show them. Could you tell us where the idea of I AM came from?

A: It’s super important for me to have concepts when I do projects. I think the more meaning you’re giving to a collection, the more interesting it becomes, and even more people can identify themselves to it. 

I AM wasn’t my original idea. Initially, I wanted to include a powerful word on one of my necklaces. So I asked my community which word they most identify themselves to. When looking at the answers, I realized that there were so many words that I couldn't choose only one. That’s when I came to the conclusion that choosing a word would be similar to imposing something on my community. I also told myself, "We’re constantly changing, evolving and learning every day. So it's impossible for one word to be enough."

That's when I told myself, "the only thing that is certain is that we’re a whole of our own. We are, WE and just that, should be enough to love ourselves." Then I brought up my idea to the team and, instantly, it was a no-brainer for us. We found our collection’s name: I AM.

Take a look at the collection here

DRAE: Isn’t it a beautiful philosophy?! So now that we’re just a few days before the launch of the collection, what would you say was your favorite part in the process of this collaboration?

A: The Photoshoot, without any doubt! DRAE’s team was IN-SA-NE

Whenever I do projects, it's important for me to include my friends, to encourage them and mostly because it's simply fun to work with your friends. As for the photographer, I went with my best friend, Guillaume Landry. I'm pretty picky when it comes to my photos and Guillaume knows exactly what I like. So for me, it was the perfect match and the pictures are INSANE!


DRAE: I think I can speak for the team to say that we CAN’T wait to share the pictures of this photoshoot! To let everyone understand why we’re so excited about the shoot, can you tell us a little bit more of how it went, what was the concept of the shoot. I’m sure they would want to know!

A: Absolutely! So the shooting was separated into 3 parts. We first arrived at the studio and let me tell you, it was… FLABERGASTING! We could not have found a better place to do the shoot. Then after settling in, we first took photos just with me and my beautiful jewels. Then, in the second part, we recorded a video of our concept with different people. After that, since we had extra time, we took some pictures of the people who came for our video. When I tell you that the team was INSANE, it's true.

DRAE: What a day! And can you explain where you found these people?

A: Yes! ​​For the promotional video, it was important for me to use people from my community. “Ordinary" people, like me. I AM is a community. That's why I made a call to everyone on my network. I received more than a hundred applications. Among them, I chose about fifteen people to be part of the video. I then added my best friend, 3 of my friends (because I wanted men too - jewelry is not just for women), my sister and my mom. The cast was AMAZING!

Before the shoot, I even created a group chat on Instagram so we could get to know each other and that group was a true success. Also, the models were unfailingly professional, generous, kind and INSANE (again)! I can't thank them enough for trusting me with this project.

I have no words to describe the energy of that day. However, I did get a few chills (a lot) on that day.

DRAE: I think we still all have chills from that day! OK. Now, could you tell us what can people expect from this collection?

A: I AM is a true and unique concept, just like you. Everyone will be able to recognize themselves through this collection.


DRAE: We’re so excited and can’t wait for people to see it for themselves! Now, since not everyone necessarily knows you, how about some more personal questions to get to know you a little more. Starting with telling us what’s on your bucket list?

A: I'm not really a "Bucket list" kinda girl because my bucket list would always change. The only thing that has never changed is that I want to go to Italy and Spain. I'm more of a mood board  girl since II like to focus on things one year at a time. If you want to know what’s on my list this year. Well, I would love to skydive and go on a trip with my sister Maude!

DRAE: Traveling is also on our bucket list this year, I think! So what’s in your travel essentials bag?

A: Besides my passport, cards and money, it’s certain that I bring:

A lypsyl 
My bikini 

DRAE: Bikinis and a concealer is for sure a must in every woman's life! And we’re all about feeling elevated at all times. When we look at you, we can tell you’re a beautiful confident woman. What would you say is your success to be this confidant?

A: I’ll tell you a story!

I have a long nose and people used to laugh at my nose in elementary school. Some people even told me that  I had the nose of a witch. Being young, it affected me a lot and it for sure showed. The worst part was that I was hanging out with these people. The day I decided to be confident about my nose and stopped reacting to those comments, people stopped talking about my nose.

Still in elementary school, in grade 3, my mom bought me colorful, flowery (but intense flowery) pants. When I arrived at school, the guys in my class laughed at my pants. I remember being embarrassed, wanting to disappear. As the day progressed, the comments continued. I was so fed up and humiliated that I told a boy in my class, "I like my pants so if you don't like them, look elsewhere. I don't talk about your dragon shirt, so don't talk about my pants" and he stopped.

I shortly realized that you have to own up for yourself. If you take ownership of yourself, people can't feed you with negative comments or even bully you. The only reason people criticize negatively is to get a reaction, to diminish someone, and to come in and shake a person down. When these people don't succeed, they move on to the next one.

It is also important to be well surrounded and to have healthy friendships that accept you as you are, 100%. Toxic little comments like: what you're wearing is funny, what's with the style, I'm thinner than you but it doesn't matter, your feet are so ugly, you have a lot of pimples compared to me, etc. It's a NO!

The key: know yourself, take responsibility and be well surrounded.


DRAE: Such great advice. Thanks for sharing this story with us. And how about your favorite staples right now?

A: I would say the candles. There's not a day I don't light a candle.

DRAE: Right! Especially these days, with COVID who turned us all into homebodies! How do you like to relax after a stressful day of working from home?

A: Light a candle, put on a jazz playlist and do a skincare routine.

DRAE: That’s the way to do it! And how about your personal goals for this upcoming season, do you have any?

A: SELLING OUT the collection I AM by Anouk !

DRAE: I think that also applies to us! We just can’t wait for it to be available. Let’s finish with one last question before we let you go. What best piece of advice you’ve received you would like to share with us and our customers?

A: My father recently said to me, "Daughter, you only have 24 hours in your life. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Do what you want to do now. Don't wait."

If not, I often tell my friends, "Everything happens for a reason. Life is good. Trust life."


Shop I AM by Anouk Lauzon



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Why We're Rebranding: a Letter from Our CEO

Why We're Rebranding: a Letter from Our CEO


I launched this jewelry business with the namesake brand of Drippin jewelry when I was much younger and loved everything trendy. I always wanted to create versatile jewelry of fantastic quality to make sure to satisfy my clientele. I didn't want to come into this business to sell timely jewelry that is cheap and has unsatisfied customers. Long gone is the era of fast fashion and instant gratification. I am personally the type of person who always seeks the best quality when purchasing products. Three years ago, my style was really over the top glam. As a woman now who is 29 years old, my style has migrated to more casual chic. Back then, I subscribed to a more is never enough jewelry philosophy, whereas now it is less is more jewelry philosophy. I used to sacrifice comfort for style. For instance, I was opting for heels instead of sneakers. Now, that ship has sailed. The pandemic happened, and within those three years, I had twins. My style has evolved to something of a more comfortable and cozy vibe. Now, I have an unmistakable sense of my aesthetic. Today, I currently define myself as Casual Chic. I love a good classic statement piece that I can wear for years to come. I incorporate timeless accessories that mix classic design and contemporary sensibility that will elevate any outfit. I love to add a touch of class to our dear clients' wardrobe from day tonight. 


Coming back from maternity leave, I decided to grow our team. I couldn't improve my brand without a stellar team that wants to see this jewelry company win. Our mission is to make women feel beautiful and confident. We want women of all shapes and ethnicities to find themselves in our company. Women should feel their very best when they dress comfortably. Women should not constantly buy budget-friendly jewelry. They repeatedly have to buy within a short time because of poor quality. Women today are busy. They don't have time to take their rings or necklaces off before they wash their hands or take their showers. As a brand, we want to provide them with long-lasting pieces that don't tarnish. We help a woman thrive with durable jewelry that will withstand the test of time. We believe in jewelry as a form of self-expression. Women wish to heirloom jewelry to share with their younger sisters and future daughters for many years, not months. That's the journey we are on right now. I want to reintroduce fine craftsmanship and innovative artistry to jewelry that will provide value for our consumers. I aim to have a positive environmental impact not only on my colleagues but also on my clients. 


I felt that Drippin Jewellery was not the vibe I am in anymore. I evolved. I went through meaningful, transformative changes over the past three years. Now, my style is different. The women are also changing. As times are changing, the way of life shifts and learning to adapt to different trajectories. Drippin jewelry was blocking me from doing bigger and better things with the company. I felt like I was somewhere else as a founder and wanted to expand my brand. I want to redefine the narrative. Before investing in massive growth, I wanted to be 100% proud of the brand I am building with my team. 


I founded DRAE Collection because I wanted women to celebrate themselves and their journey. To me, DRAE is about women supporting themselves, each other, and their community. DRAE is about self-empowerment and being able to invest in yourself and the community around you. DRAE means self-assured, confident, and independent. As the founder, I wholeheartedly stand for having my style signature and buying pieces I truly treasure. DRAE stands for a new beginning for our collective community to always stay inspired, evolve, grow, and reach new heights. We love what DRAE represents and are thrilled to begin this new adventure. So join us as we draft our roadmap for change. We want to provide high-quality, timeless jewelry for everyday luxuries like special occasions, life milestones, birthdays, and gift-giving, which will remain essential consumer journeys. Jewelry can mean whatever you want it to mean. Wear it when you want, buy it when you want, gift it, celebrate with it, reward yourself with it and keep it forever. 


To our current customers, you can assure yourself that we will provide you with the finest quality ethically sourced materials and product traceability. We partner with great jewelers to bring you fabulous jewelry. We will always be there for you like we were in the past. You can expect the same excellent customer service and customer brand experience. We are growing to be better for all of you. I appreciate all of you. Drippin Jewellery could have never grown to what it is today without your trust and support. For that reason, we will continue to produce luxuriant pieces you can be proud of at affordable prices. You inspire us daily with your journey. You're living our mission with us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.