After a full year of working on this beautiful project, we present you Soft but Fierce by Christen Dominique.

‘This collection represents how we can be both delicate yet strong,’ Christen described.

With its intricate details, you'll find 6 jewelry sets of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelet. Designed to last you as lifetime with its 14K gold plated material, this collection is divided in two different feel to bring out both delicate (Soft) and strong (Fierce) sides of Christen's essence.


New neutrals. A mix of delicate and soothing pastel colors with clear crystals giving a whimsical aesthetic to the collection. These hues give a refined and feminine touch to each item perfect for elevating basics. Based on a surrealist inspiration, Soft lends in a transseasonal appeal and versatility across these jewels. Intricate details are cropping up as a key design detail for the season.


Fierce is a collection featuring versatile pieces that can easily be worn from day to night without any effort. Statement jewelry is one of the main directions for accessories. We designed these pieces with a fusion of bold and minimal details for a more sophisticated approach and a feminine edge. Fierce is all about feeling confident and bold.

We wanted to make sure each piece would stand out on its own! The statement pieces from Fierce can easily be juxtaposed with the dainty pieces from Soft.

One other great aspect of these pieces is that they are all tarnish free and water resistant. Each material has been meticulously selected to ensure you can wear them all day long (even under water or at the gym).


Karine Vasco

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