I launched this jewelry business with the namesake brand of Drippin jewelry when I was much younger and loved everything trendy. I always wanted to create versatile jewelry of fantastic quality to make sure to satisfy my clientele. I didn't want to come into this business to sell timely jewelry that is cheap and has unsatisfied customers. Long gone is the era of fast fashion and instant gratification. I am personally the type of person who always seeks the best quality when purchasing products. Three years ago, my style was really over the top glam. As a woman now who is 29 years old, my style has migrated to more casual chic. Back then, I subscribed to a more is never enough jewelry philosophy, whereas now it is less is more jewelry philosophy. I used to sacrifice comfort for style. For instance, I was opting for heels instead of sneakers. Now, that ship has sailed. The pandemic happened, and within those three years, I had twins. My style has evolved to something of a more comfortable and cozy vibe. Now, I have an unmistakable sense of my aesthetic. Today, I currently define myself as Casual Chic. I love a good classic statement piece that I can wear for years to come. I incorporate timeless accessories that mix classic design and contemporary sensibility that will elevate any outfit. I love to add a touch of class to our dear clients' wardrobe from day tonight. 
Coming back from maternity leave, I decided to grow our team. I couldn't improve my brand without a stellar team that wants to see this jewelry company win. Our mission is to make women feel beautiful and confident. We want women of all shapes and ethnicities to find themselves in our company. Women should feel their very best when they dress comfortably. Women should not constantly buy budget-friendly jewelry. They repeatedly have to buy within a short time because of poor quality. Women today are busy. They don't have time to take their rings or necklaces off before they wash their hands or take their showers. As a brand, we want to provide them with long-lasting pieces that don't tarnish. We help a woman thrive with durable jewelry that will withstand the test of time. We believe in jewelry as a form of self-expression. Women wish to heirloom jewelry to share with their younger sisters and future daughters for many years, not months. That's the journey we are on right now. I want to reintroduce fine craftsmanship and innovative artistry to jewelry that will provide value for our consumers. I aim to have a positive environmental impact not only on my colleagues but also on my clients. 
I felt that Drippin Jewellery was not the vibe I am in anymore. I evolved. I went through meaningful, transformative changes over the past three years. Now, my style is different. The women are also changing. As times are changing, the way of life shifts and learning to adapt to different trajectories. Drippin jewelry was blocking me from doing bigger and better things with the company. I felt like I was somewhere else as a founder and wanted to expand my brand. I want to redefine the narrative. Before investing in massive growth, I wanted to be 100% proud of the brand I am building with my team. 
I founded DRAE Collection because I wanted women to celebrate themselves and their journey. To me, DRAE is about women supporting themselves, each other, and their community. DRAE is about self-empowerment and being able to invest in yourself and the community around you. DRAE means self-assured, confident, and independent. As the founder, I wholeheartedly stand for having my style signature and buying pieces I truly treasure. DRAE stands for a new beginning for our collective community to always stay inspired, evolve, grow, and reach new heights. We love what DRAE represents and are thrilled to begin this new adventure. So join us as we draft our roadmap for change. We want to provide high-quality, timeless jewelry for everyday luxuries like special occasions, life milestones, birthdays, and gift-giving, which will remain essential consumer journeys. Jewelry can mean whatever you want it to mean. Wear it when you want, buy it when you want, gift it, celebrate with it, reward yourself with it and keep it forever. 
To our current customers, you can assure yourself that we will provide you with the finest quality ethically sourced materials and product traceability. We partner with great jewelers to bring you fabulous jewelry. We will always be there for you like we were in the past. You can expect the same excellent customer service and customer brand experience. We are growing to be better for all of you. I appreciate all of you. Drippin Jewellery could have never grown to what it is today without your trust and support. For that reason, we will continue to produce luxuriant pieces you can be proud of at affordable prices. You inspire us daily with your journey. You're living our mission with us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Aurelie Noel

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