AURELIE, Founder

DRAE was created in Montreal, Canada by Aurelie Noel.

She couldn’t find contemporary, luxury jewelry at a reasonable price so they established DRAE with a mission to curate timeless, classic pieces for the modern woman...without the hefty price tag. 

“I created DRAE Collection because I love bold, chunky but still feminine classic pieces. Finding great jewellery became a real hassle, the only pieces that I could find were of mediocre quality that tarnished quickly. I love fashionable products that won’t break the bank so I don’t see myself ever selling cheap jewelry...long-lasting quality items are my thing. I started designing pieces with my supplier to create the most fabulous jewelry brand. We are a team of hard-working women that have made DRAE a chic and highly competitive player in the market.

Age: 30

What makes you happy: My kids, my husband & my amazing team

What do you like the most about being part of TEAM DRAE: I love to create new products!

Describe your style: Casual Chic

Passion: Travel & Live experiences with my FAM

Favourite song: Anything 50 cent or Pop Smoke

Favourite piece of the collection: The Thick Figaro in Silver


KARINE, Head of Marketing

Age: 30

What makes you happy: Outdoor actitivites

What do you like the most about being part of DRAE: Seing that we are a team with lots of motivation. The synergy we have. The fact that we create and accomplish so much even if we are a small team!

Describe your style: I'm very polyvalent, but I have a big love for fashion.

Passion: Fashion, yoga, figure skating, photography/videography.

Favourite song: Calm - Clodelle

Favourite piece of the collection: Bold ring, Sunkissed body chain, Cairo necklace, Extra earrings.

KARLA, Head of content

Age: 27

What makes you happy: The Beach

What do you like the most about being part of TEAM DRAE: Being surrounded by women who have the same vision and goals as me. We have a genuine friendship, I love them!

Describe your style: Elevated Casual

Passion: Travel

Favourite song: Forgive Me - Ash ft Sauvane

Favourite piece of the collection: The rainbow ring and Tulum Ring


Age: 22

What makes you happy: My Bf, European wine, and food.

What do you like the most about being part of DRAE: How everyone has space to grow and be creative

Describe your style: Business Casual

Passion: Living life

Favourite song:  Pardison Fontain, Dblock europe or North side benji

Favourite piece of the collection: Cairo Necklace, extra earrings